Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is SaaS?

Great Viewpoint on what is Software as a Service!

What is SaaS for ECM?
by Rai Wasner/Kollabria

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a technology mainstream phenomenon that is revolutionizing the Enterprise Content Management (document management, workflow etc.) software industry like it has revolutionized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other mainstream software applications. SaaS is different from conventional software in four principle ways:

  • There is nothing to install on your computer. The software resides on the world wide web and you access its functionality through your web browser.

  • SaaS is, for lack of better words, a "pay as you go" solution. In other words it requires little to no capital investment in order to begin reaping the benefits of the product. You simply pay as you use it.

  • SaaS solutions are ready to go immediately, requiring little to no set up, lengthy implementation cycles, or exhaustive customization, and require no-stop for upgrades, they are continually updated and improved.

  • The software application is accessible over the world wide web by the authorized user from anywhere in the world, at any time. Thus work teams can collaborate across the planet.
    SaaS ECM solutions are optimized for many common document management, forms processing and workflow intensive business processes. Depending on solution and vendor, many also come with pre-configured templates that make customization for particular applications such as accounting and finance, or vertical industry applications in Healthcare, Transportation or numerous other industries simple and straight forward.


  1. Paul, here is what I like about the SaaS opportunity: SaaS offers a whole New Arsenal for the Line of Business Owner - NO Internal IT Charge backs!!!

    1) Internal IT costs that are typically assessed to the Line of Business Owner with traditional CAPEX purchases of Global 2000 corporations are becoming increasingly challenging for line of business owners to justify implementing any IT solution. Let's face it...we are all plagued with budget crunches.

    SaaS is a genius maneuver by the Line of Business CAPEX means no IT internal charges. Now that is real tangible savings a Line of Business Owner can bank on!

    2) Get Business Done NOW rather than Later! The SaaS alternative continues to provide a unique way of getting business today rather than waiting for stringent CAPEX budgets to get approved any time soon...seemingly an impossible task in today's economic climate. Get the job done immediately using the "SASSY alternative"...or forever wait...Mike Nolfo's Global 2000 client decided that NOW was the better option and SaaS was the only way to do it.

  2. One other point...check out the COST SAVINGS Mike's client realized...

    Actual Total Cost of Ownership FY2010/11 for Global 2000 Customer

    Existing Legacy Capture Annual Software Assurance $26,845.00

    Hardware Server Cost for Legacy Capture System (1 physical server and two virtual servers) $ 3,700.00

    Annual Internal IT Chargebacks $20,000.00

    Professional Services to Upgrade $ 8,000.00

    Total $58,545.00

    CAPSYS Monthly SaaS Fee $18,792.00

    Server Costs $ -

    Annual IT Costs $ -

    Professional Services for routine Upgrades, Patches, etc. $ -

    Total $18,792.00

    Total Annual SAVINGS $39,753.00

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