Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Concept on Capture

A must read for anyone selling, using or researching Document Capture:

ECM Buyer Beware:
Real Insights & Answers for Decision Makers
Understanding Distributed, Web-Based Document Capture -- Realizing Greater Value at Lower Cost

“Businesses are seeking to gain efficiencies in extracting critical information from seas of documents handled daily. Instituting a competent and easy-to-use document imaging system provides a competitive edge, adds to the bottom line, and results in quick return on investment. Which business wouldn't want to reap those benefits in today's economic environment?In Paul's just published book, ‘ECM Buyer Beware: Real Insights & Answers for Decision Makers’ he shares a wealth of industry knowledge in helping readers discern choices in document capture systems and presents an innovative distributed, web-based document capture model that offers efficiency and cost effectiveness."

Dolores Kruchten
General Manager, Business Solutions and ServicesGroup
Vice PresidentEastman Kodak Company

“Paul has nailed it! Much of computing's future is in the "clouds," and some of the largest computer companies in the world are moving full speed in that direction. What has kept document management from being one of the these "killer" applications goes directly to Paul's point about the need for truly distributed capture. Kudos to him for making distributed capture a reality.”

Raimund Wasner
Managing Director
Kollabria Inc.

“I couldn’t agree more with Paul’s assessment. Document Capture is the ‘On-Ramp to any ECM System’ and one of the most crucial aspects of any ECM project.”

Joyce Osborne
President DMSAIIM Professional Advisory Council

“‘ECM Buyer Beware: Real Insights & Answers for Decision Makers’ is extremely timely in its publication. Today, more than ever, corporate America needs cost effective solutions that save money while providing additional business efficiencies. A “tip-of-the-hat” to Paul and his staff at CAPSYS for delivering innovation and a superior product offering to the Electronic Content Management marketplace. Paul Szemplinski is a solid professional that is dedicated to furthering the success and growth of the ECM industry via education and common sense solutions.”

Mark Creglow
Chief Operations OfficerMarex Group, Inc. Makers of

“We decided to move from our on-premise solution to CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE. Since that move we have been able to roll out document scanning throughout the enterprise with minimal effort. In addition, it has reduced the workload on our IT staff by eliminating the need to support a capture solution in our datacenter.”

Jim Gio
MIS Project SupervisorTy, Inc

“‘ECM Buyer Beware: Real Insights & Answers for Decision Makers’ is an idea begging to spring forth for years. Paul's elegantly written treatise on the subject proves that the waiting is over and its promise has been delivered. Case made!"

Robert LathamPresident/FounderPrevalent Software, Inc.

"Paul’s ECM industry knowledge and expertise have served him well in building a national presence in the ECM market place. His commentary on the SaaS model is ringing truer by the day, as companies face ever increasing costs associated with on-premise systems. The SaaS model removes all the headaches while retaining all the benefit. CAPSYS CAPTURE SaaS truly is a win-win solution."

Jan Letchman
PresidentAdvanced Data Systems, Inc.

“Paul Szemplinski’s discussion of the current state of the capture market and the value proposition presented by the deployment of SAAS capture solutions such as CAPSYS is relevant to anyone interested in the future of the capture market. ‘ECM Buyer Beware: Real Insights & Answers for Decision Makers’ provides a well organized, insightful guide into the capture process and innovative alternatives currently available with the advent of SAAS. Fine job Paul!’”

Bill Cordell
NewWave Technologies, Inc

"In tough economic times, finding a business model like CAPSYS CAPTURE that is ahead of the curve and a win/win for customers and business partners is truly a treasure! Paul has written a easy to understand, fact-based, helpful guide for why distributed, web-based document capture is the right choice for the future."

Ed Breclaw
President/OwnerExecutive Forums - Chicago West

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